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LPI Enhanced Products

Loveland Products' proprietary crop protection offerings are second to none. These enhanced products represent a process of taking tried-and-true chemistries and improving upon them to bring efficiencies and improved efficacy to the marketplace.

Matador LOGOMATADOR is Loveland Products' new soybean pre-emerge herbicide chemistry that contains three different active ingredients to help control grass and broadleaf weeds.

Featured Crop Protection

Makaze[r] Herbicide200px


MAKAZE Herbicide is the most effective glyphosate on the market. MAKAZE contains proprietary technology that improves its delivery system making it the best choice for control of hard-to-kill weeds and the most consistent when the toughest of environmental conditions exist.



MAKAZE YIELD PRO™ Herbicide is an enhanced MAKAZE (glyphosate) formulation with the ability to increase overall plant health and yield. “The Missing Link in Achieving Ultimate Yields in Roundup Ready* Crops”



SWAGGER™ Insecticide combines the quick knockdown of a pyrethroid with the long-lasting residual of a neonicotinoid in a superior formulation. “The New Standard”

SALVO final200px


SALVO Herbicide is the premium phenoxy herbicide that provides superior broadleaf weed control in corn, small grains, grass pastures, rangeland and other uses.



TOMBSTONE HELIOS Insecticide is an extended residual synthetic pyrethroid that contains proprietary HELIOS technology, which provides 9% to 15% extended residual. HELIOS technology protects the insecticide from high levels of photodegradation and maintains the concentration of active ingredient on the target. “When Others Have Left, HELIOS is Still There”



POTENZA is a foliar applied plant regulator formulated to optimize the ratio of mepiquat, indolebutyric acid (IBA) and kinetin to enhance the reproductive capabilities of cotton. POTENZA will regulate vegetative growth and increase boll set and boll retention resulting in maximized lint yield.



FITNESS Fungicide is a proprietary propiconazole formulation that is designed specifically to provide broad-spectrum disease control (both curative and preventative), minimize risk and enhance overall crop performance.

Intensity(r) One200px


INTENSITY ONE Herbicide is the best post grass herbicide that contains Leci-Tech proprietary technology, which results in the fastest and most complete grass control. INTENSITY ONE is the product of choice for control of volunteer corn in soybeans or cotton.

SHERPA(r) w Leci-Tech200px


SHERPA Insecticide is the only loaded foliar 1.6 pound imidacloprid formulation in the market today. Loaded with proprietary Leci-Tech chemistry, SHERPA is the most bioavailable imidacloprid formulation, providing quicker and more complete protection from many piercing and sucking insect pests.



SABER Herbicide is a premium 2,4-D phenoxy amine formulation with a glycol base that keeps the active ingredient in soluble form longer increasing deposition, resisting evaporation and boosting uptake by the broadleaf weeds targeted in corn, soybeans, small grains, fruit orchards, fallow rotations and other crops and non-crop uses as indicated on the label.



WHITEOUT is a 2,4-D formulation with the performance of an ester and the volatility profile of an amine, which can be applied in tough-to-spray areas. “A Solventless 2,4-D with Less Smell, Less Volatility and Better Compatibility With Fertilizers”



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