D-Trait Tankmix Updates

Loveland Products offers a broad range of adjuvants, crop protection and nutritional products for tankmixing with the latest dicamba and 2,4-D technologies. Please click here for a list of the latest approved Loveland Products tankmixes. Always double-check the label and confirm with your Nutrien Ag Solutions rep.


Lecithin is a natural-based product derived from soybean seeds and is the workhorse of the LECI-TECH product line. LECI-TECH is a unique technology that assists overall spray performance by providing an adjuvant system that delivers: To The Plant - Drift Reduction, On The Plant - Droplet Retention and In The Plant - Penetration. LECI-TECH is Performance Made Easy.

Drift Reduction

Products in this category are designed to reduce the movement of airborne liquid or solid material from the target area at the time of application which can be affected by such things as particle size, air movement and temperature gradient, humidity, type of terrain and more.


Oil adjuvants can reduce rainfast periods, provide more uniform droplet size, and result in less spray evaporation and provide excellent penetration of herbicide into waxy leaves. Examples are Emulsified Petroleum-based Oils (Crop Oils and Crop Oil Concentrates), and Methylated Seed Oils (occasionally referred to as Methyl Esters or MSO).

Organosilicone Super Wetters

These products dramatically reduce surface tension to allow thorough penetration and maximum wetting and spreading properites on nearly all plant surfaces.

Soil Surfactant

Soil surfactants are designed to reduce crop and turf physiological stresses found in inherently droughty soils by positively affecting the wetting, rewetting and infiltration rates of soils treated.


This category designates an adjuvant that primarily imparts the property of adhesion of spray solutions. As a result of this property being added, spray droplets will have improved deposition and retention.


Sometimes referred to as wetting agents or spreaders. Generally used for the purpose of improving coverage and penetration of agri-chemicals.


This category is a mixture of such products as tank cleaners, antifoam/defoaming agents, foam markers, and compatibility agents.

Water Conditioner

When certain herbicide chemistries are added to water, the negative charges in the herbicide molecules attract the positive ions (cations) in water (i.e. calcium, potassium, magnesium) which can prevent or hinder uptake of the herbicide into the plant, effectively reducing herbicide performance. Water conditioners sequester and chelate cations freeing the herbicide molecules to perform more effectively.