C2 Technology

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Developed to take on the challenges you face in the field, fertilizers powered by C2 Technology enhances yield potential and improves root mass, while optimizing key nutrients across all broadacre and specialty crops.

What is C2 Technology doing for me?

By positively impacting nutrients that naturally exist in the ground, proprietary C2 Technology from Nutrien Ag Solutions helps your fertility program work harder and smarter — giving your crops a healthy advantage every season.

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How do C2 Products go to work for me?

C2 Technology formulations utilize a unique extraction process, which results in chains of carbon-based compounds that provide more bioactivity, increase likelihood of fostering plant growth, and supplement soil health. These carbon compounds are then combined with carbohydrates and reacted with nutrition to form macro- and/or micro-nutrient complexes that are available for plant uptake and protected from tie-up in soil. The carbohydrate component provides an energy source for native microflora, which encourages healthy soil microbial communities. The carbohydrates also help with nutrient use efficiency in every gallon of applied C2 Product.

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