Drip, Drench & In-Line Nutrition

Oftentimes, the best way to feed a quickly developing crop is to make nutrition available directly to the roots via drip, drench, and in-line nutrition. Depending on what technique and technology you choose, you can also receive secondary benefits like improved soil health and increase plant performance. Whether you’re focused on macro- or micronutrients, soil health, plant performance, or all of the above, Loveland Products has you covered.

Phosphate Solutions

Shortly after growth starts in any crop, Phosphate is arguably the most impactful macronutrient for a developing crop. Phosphate’s presence and, more importantly, availability, supports optimal root growth and sets the foundation for yield. Unfortunately, much of the phosphate applied with traditional fertilizers is immediately tied up with naturally occurring soil components and rendered unavailable to your developing crop. Loveland Products employs multiple novel technologies in its liquid fertilizers designed for Drip, Drench and In-Line application to prevent this from occurring, so you can be more efficient with applied nutrition.


Soil Health Solutions

Soil Health has a profound impact on the effectiveness of a given nutrient program and dictates the impact of a fertility program far beyond the pounds we apply each season. Simply put, nutrients need help to be as efficient as we need them to be to support yield and quality goals. Loveland Products has a dynamic line of Soil Health Solutions that encourage and support plant performance by helping nutrients overcome the loss mechanisms that render them unavailable to a developing crop.

Plant Performance Solutions

Plant performance goes far beyond the nutrients we feed our crops with each season. Loveland Products has a growing line of Plant Health Stimulants that encourage and support plant performance including driving root growth, allowing crops to overcome abiotic stress and support resistance to heat and drought tolerance. 

Multi-Micronutrient Solutions

Early season growth and development of crops plays a crucial role in determining yield potential. The daily nutrient demand of your crop during periods of rapid growth and metabolism early in the season can easily outpace what’s available from the soil. After phosphorus, micronutrients, specifically zinc, manganese and boron play incredibly important roles in making the best use of key nutrients in many crops. Loveland Products combines unique technologies with tried and true micronutrient sources to give our customers options that fulfill almost every crop requirement. We use superior technologies like Acetate and C2 in order to get the most out of your soils, and various chelation and complexing agents to drive micronutrients into roots without losing nutrients to tie up.  

Zinc Solutions

Arguably the most important micronutrient, zinc plays many important roles within a plant. Its most important role is in the production of auxin, which is a growth hormone responsible for root and shoot growth. Zinc also plays a key role in chloroplast development, protein synthesis, and carbohydrate metabolism and most importantly phosphate utilization.

  • EDTA 9% ZINC
  • PRO ZINC 10+
  • ZINC GRO 20

Manganese Solutions

Although often overlooked manganese is an essential nutrient in plants. It's part of the structure of proteins and enzymes and plays a key role in photosynthesis. Lack of Manganese specifically in the early season can result in decreased soluble sugar concentrations throughout the plant, and if left unchecked will result in decreased dry matter, quality and yield come harvest time.


Boron Solutions

While required in relatively small amounts boron plays a large roll in many processes of the crop lifecycle. It is essential for actively growing regions of plants, like root tips. It is a structural component of cell walls, and critical along with zinc for pollen grain and pollen tube formation. All in, boron is important in early season applications, and throughout the lifecycle of crops.

  • BOROSOL 10

Potassium Solutions

While often thought of as more important in late season growth and development potassium is extremely important in the translocation and allocation of many nutrients within the newly developing crop and has a synergistic effect on uptake of other major and micronutrients. Loveland's potassium products for soil application are specifically designed to remain available to your plants longer, be easily taken up by roots, and be highly compatible with other tank partners.

Iron Solutions

While not important across a wide region of production areas, specific regions, specifically those susceptible to IDC (Iron Deficiency Chlorosis) have very specific and critical needs for available iron early in the plant’s lifecycle to avoid severe setbacks. Loveland Products offers highly chelated liquid iron products designed specifically to overcome these IDC challenges. 

  • REBAR 3
  • PRO IRON 5

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