Nitrogen Management

In almost all production systems nitrogen is at the top of the list when it comes to nutrition inputs – but we often times forget all the factors working against nitrogen that can result in up to 50% of applications unavailable for plant uptake in just a few months. Whether you’re looking to stabilize applied nitrogen to prevent environmental losses, or you want to improve Nitrogen use efficiency for a healthier, higher-yielding crop, Loveland Products has what you need to get the most out of what you put in each season.


When urea is applied to soil, a significant portion of the nitrogen can be converted to ammonia and CO2 and lost to the atmosphere. This happens because a naturally occuring enzyme called urease speeds the conversion of urea to ammonia, and without enough water present, the ammonia will "gas off" before it can convert to plant available ammonium. Loveland nitrogen stabilizers are made specifically to slow this process, so if conditions aren't perfect after fertilizing, you'll lose less to volatilization until a rain event.


Whether a grower wants to improve sustainability, stretch each dollar furthur, or both, Loveland's Nutrient Use Efficiency products are a requirement. The following proprietary technologies have one overarching goal in mind, to make our growers more efficient with applied nutrition.




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