Plant Nutrition Technologies

Leading with Technology, Delivering Results

The potential of genetics and production systems continues to progress -- but trying to keep pace with grower demand the way it’s always been done just won’t cut it anymore. 

At Loveland Products, our quest to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of yield and quality – and that goes goes far beyond N, P and K. We’ve invested decades in challenging the status quo while delivering on our promise of “doing more with less” and still delivering results growers expect. 

Over the years we’ve developed innovative technology platforms to overcome the challenges of today’s grower. Select a technology to learn more. 

Access more with Acetate TechnologyAcetate Technology logo

For decades, Loveland Products powered by Acetate Technology have delivered above and beyond the analysis on the label. Acetate Technology pulls nutrition from the soil for the most efficient nutrient utilization in your crop. Put the power of Acetate to work for you this season.

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Unlock Nutrition with Biocatalyst TechnologyBiocatalyst Technology logo

Loveland’s Biocatalyst Technology solutions harness the power of the microbiome to unlock the potential of classic fertilizer programs and native soil nutrition. Products powered by Biocatalyst Technology are specifically designed to:

  • Increase nutrient availability from applied fertilizers
  • Promote nutrient mineralization in the soil to increase existing nutrient availability
  • Support root growth through biochemical reactions with the plant

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Dry Fertilizer Enhancements powered by Biocatalyst Technology

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Step Up to C2 TechnologyC2 Technology logo

Our proprietary combination of extracted carbon paired with carbohydrates is then reacted with nutrition to form C2 Technology products. Designed to overcome the challenges growers face in the soil and beyond - When you step up to C2 Technology, you’re not working harder, you’re working smarter to keep nutrients productive for better plant performance.

  • Provide more from the soil through increased nutrient use efficiency
  • Overcome soil challenges to render nutrients unavailable
  • Impart sustainability in your fertility program season after season

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Get Moving with NutriSync® TechnologyNutriSync Technology logo

Growers who want to mobilize their nutrition program look to NutriSync brand micronutrients.

Powered by NutriSync proprietary nutrient transport technology — NutriSync brand micronutrients enhance nutrient assimilation, mobilization and utilization with nearly any crop.

Available in a complete line of highly effective formulations there is a NutriSync brand micronutrient available to suit your unique needs. Get your nutrition on the move, with NutriSync!

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Propel Plant Health with Plant Growth Stimulant TechnologiesPlant Health Stimulant Technology logo

Plant performance goes far beyond the nutrients we feed our crops with each season. Loveland Products has a growing line of Plant Health Stimulants that encourage and support plant performance including driving root growth, allowing crops to overcome abiotic stress and support resistance to heat and drought tolerance. 

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