The smarter seed treatment, Awaken CoFlow® helps with early field corn growth, seed placement dust-off, and maximizes your chance for higher yields.

Awaken CoFlow is a nutritional corn seed treatment, combined with a seed treatment polymer coating that's been designed specifically for field corn.

A multi-functional corn fertilizer, Awaken CoFlow is meant to help growers enjoy better early growth and gain a positive return on investment. Also, this smarter seed treatment contains a polymer coating aimed to increase seed flowability and decrease seed treatment dust-off.

Product Benefits: 

While your results may vary, growers in more than 50 field trials have reported an average increase of seven bushels per acre, with a positive ROI in 87% of the field trials. Using Awaken CoFlow on your field corn may:

  • Improves early corn growth by providing essential micronutrients and extracting nutrients from the soil
  • Increase flowability after planting corn seeds
  • Improve corn seed spacing and offer precision placement
  • Decrease dust-off, resulting in pollinator safety and good seed treatment stewardship
  • Result in better than average early growth

How Awaken CoFlow Works

Awaken CoFlow is a nutritional corn fertilizer package that includes a complexed micronutrient package of seven nutritional ingredients, including: nitrogen, boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. All seven helpful ingredients are wrapped in a polymer coating used specifically for field corn in order to limit dust-off, while helping with precise corn seed spacing and flowability.

Awaken CoFlow video

Awaken CoFlow video (1:15)

Awaken CoFlow

Awaken CoFlow map (1:09)

Awaken CoFlow seed treater training video

Awaken CoFlow seed treater training video (7:13)


For healthy, strong corn, and a positive return on investment come harvest time, make sure you choose the smarter seed treatment alternative, Awaken CoFlow. Exclusively found at your Nutrien Ag Solutions location.