At-Planting Solutions: BLACK LABEL Zn

Phosphate, Done Better.

Developed to take on the challenges you face in the field, this proprietary formulation of highly available and phosphate and zinc coupled with C2 technology can make all the difference this growing season, while making soil more responsive down the road.

At Loveland Products, we’re dedicated to supporting farmers everywhere with trusted At-Planting Phosphate fertilizers powered by C2 Technology that enhances yield potential and improves root mass, while optimizing key nutrients across all broadacre and specialty crops.

Why Black Label® Zn?

Using BLACK LABEL Zn from Loveland Products, as part of your at planting practices, you’re able to drive benefits from the soil to the crop and ultimately at harvest. Formulated with C2 Technology, this proprietary combination of extracted carbon and carbohydrates is reacted with phosphorus and zinc to improve plant performance and support soil health for years to come. In fact, BLACK LABEL Zn with C2 Technology drives phosphorous efficiency 2-3 times that of a traditional liquid or dry fertilizers that rarely exceed 10–30 percent efficiency each season.

  • Powered by C2 Technology to enhance total nutrient availability
  • Built with immediately available ortho phosphate
  • Highest available phosphorous (P) to zinc (Zn) ratio of any C2 product to drive early season development
  • Enhanced cation exchange column (CEC) of application zone
  • Designed to enhance total nutrient availability

What Is C2 Technology?