CONSENSUS® is a unique seed treatment designed to promote early germination and quicker root development. It stimulates Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) to start seedlings growing faster for a better finish for your crop. A faster, healthier start for the seed and seedling leads to faster emergence, better stands, plant stress resistance and better yields.

Product Benefits: 
  • For use on soybeans, cotton, small grains and more than 40 additional labeled crops
  • Faster germination
  • Better early root development
  • Plant stress protection
  • Healthier, more vigorous seedlings
  • Quicker emergence
  • More robust root system
  • Greater yield potential
Loveland University : CONSENSUS

Loveland University course (4:09)

Consensus (right) vs Untreated on Soybeans

Consensus on cotton (right); 14 days after emergence

Treated with Consensus (right), untreated (left)