DYNA-SHIELD FOOTHOLD contains two active ingredients, tebuconazole and metalaxyl, for early-season broad-spectrum disease control. With outstanding activity on key diseases like bunt, rust and scab plus an excellent formulation to help ensure uniform coverage, FOOTHOLD offers protection and value that can't be beat.

Product Benefits: 
  • Labeled Crops: Barley, Oats, Triticale, Wheat
  • Two active ingredients offer systemic protection against the most damaging early-season cereal diseases
  • Excellent formulation for uniform coverage of seed
  • Low use rates
  • Controls the following diseases:
  • Early season Common root rot
  • Early season Fusarium root rot
  • Early season Powdery mildew and Rust (suppression)
  • Early season Rhizoctonia root rot
  • Early season Septoria disease complex
  • Flag smut
  • General seed rots
  • Loose smut
  • Pythium damping-off
  • Seedborne Fusarium scab
  • Stinking smut


FOOTHOLD + Awaken ST (left) vs Untreated on Wheat; 2011