DYNA-SHIELD IMIDACLOPRID 5 is a proven seed-applied insecticide that offers seed protection against early season insect pressure. The performance of DYNA-SHIELD IMIDACLOPRID 5 parallels the effectiveness of other conventional seed-applied insecticides containing imidacloprid.

Product Benefits: 
  • Contains 5 lbs Imidacloprid per gallon (600 grams per liter)
  • Labeled Crops include: Barley, Canola, Corn (field and sweet), Cotton, Sorghum, Soybeans, SugarBeets, Sunflower, Wheat (and other crops as listed on the label)
  • Protection from crop insects including:
    • Cotton: Early season thrips & Aphids
    • Soybeans: Seed corn maggot, feeding damage from certain Aphids & over-wintering Bean leaf beetles
    • Wheat and other listed cereals: Aphids including Bird cherry-oat, English grain, Greenbug and Russian wheat aphids, Hessian fly, Wireworm