Mess with the bull...Get the horns.

MATADOR® is a soybean pre-emerge herbicide chemistry that contains three different active ingredients - metolachlor, metribuzin and imazethapyr - to help control grass and broadleaf weeds. This unique formulation was designed to be a resistant weed managment tool to combat glyphosate and ALS resistant weeds.

Product Benefits: 
  • Unique formulation - 3 active ingredients in 1 bottle
  • Burndown activity and long-lasting residual
  • Controls over 20 grass and 50 broadleaf weeds
  • No tank mixes needed for residual control

22 Days After Treatment

MATADOR: Mess with the Bull... Get the Horns

"Mess With the Bull, Get the Horns"

Matador Herbicide: 30 Second Commercial

Matador: 30 Second Commercial