N-PACT (26-0-0, 33% SRN) is a patented triazone Slow Release Nitrogen, with a nitrogen stabilizer which provides increased foliar nitrogen uptake and translocation, reduced volatility and excellent crop safety. N-PACT consists of 17.40% urea nitrogen and 8.60% other water soluble nitrogen (Urea-Triazone Solution).

Product Benefits: 
  • Improved formulation with nitrogen stabilizer
  • Excellent source of foliar nitrogen
  • 31% more efficient in uptake versus other nitrogen sources
  • Foliar safety
  • Patented Triazone nitrogen allows for:
    • Increased nitrogen absorption
    • Increased translocation
    • Increased remobilization
N-Pact: Stable Source of Foliar Nitrogen; Reduced Volatility and Increased Mobility

N-PACT commercial (1:00)