Nitrogen Management: BLACKMAX 22

If You Feed It, You Need It.

Just because you fertilize the soil doesn’t necessarily mean plants can efficiently access and use the nutrients you apply each season. Whether you have heavy clay or sandy soils, cool and damp conditions, imbalance of elements, or low organic matter can create a challenging condition for your fertility program.

That’s where BLACKMAX® 22 comes in - built with C2 Technology, this proprietary combination of extracted carbon and carbohydrates reacts with your fertility program to increase nutrient availability and support positive soil attributes.

Get Growing with C2 Technology

As part of your fertilizer program this powerful combination of extracted carbon and carbohydrates fosters beneficial soil microbe growth to strengthen your crop fertility program and help you face the challenges of the season head on. When it comes to crop nutrition, if you feed it, you need BLACKMAX 22!

  • C2 Technology to enhance applied nutrient availability and uptake
  • Contains extracted carbon and a carbohydrate package for nutrient chelation and soil amendment properties
  • Enhanced existing nutrient mineralization and applied nutrient solubility
  • Designed to promote beneficial microbes to drive soil process that make nutrition move available to the growing crop
  • Sound, efficient, flexible formulation