At-Planting Solutions: REAX K

Here’s a better way for K

Potassium when your crops need it

Get Growing with C2 Technology

Whether it’s at-planting or foliar applications, ReaX K delivers highly soluble and readily available forms of potassium when your plants need it. Armed with patented C2 Technology from Loveland Products, ReaX K helps mobilize potassium and other nutrients to key growing areas of each plant to help almost any crop reach its maximum yield potential.

Grower Benefits:

  • C2 formulation maximizes nutrient availability and mobility to drive yield and quality by optimizing membrane penetration for fast uptake
  • Contains 25% readily available potassium to supports late-season crop development
  • Enhances buffering capacity to moderate the effect of salts in a foliar fertility blend
  • Flexible formulation allows for at-planting, banded in-furrow or foliar applications

What Is C2 Technology?