At-Planting Solutions: REAX ZINC

C2 Powered Micronutrients

ReaX Zinc 6.5% is designed to deliver Zinc in all types of soil applications, and to keep it available to your crop longer than any other source. It also provides additional soil benefits with our C2 technology. We use pressure and heat to react and complex Zinc with organic acids, so that it remains available to your crop longer and in a wider range of soil conditions. Along with Zinc and organic acids, the addition of a carbohydrate package helps feed native microflora for additional nutrient uptake benefits.

Why Zinc?

Most growers know that Zinc is important, but many don’t realize how much applied Zinc never reaches their crop. Zinc can be lost in many ways: most becomes tied up with other soil components like phosphates and carbonates, it can also become insoluble at pH>7.0, and chelated Zinc can leach out of the root zone.

Grower Benefits:

  • Provides 6.5% Zinc for plant energy production and regulation of essential processes
  • Supports soil microbiota for healthier, more biologically active soil
  • Stabilizes nutrients prone to movement in the soil for reliable, available nutrition
  • Enhances buffering capacity to moderate accumulated salt effects in the application zone

What is C2 Technology?