QUAD 7 Spray Adjuvant is an oil-free patented blend of non-ionic surfactant, ammonium salt, and buffering components designed to enhance the efficacy of sulfonylurea and other herbicides. The inherent properties of QUAD 7 Spray Adjuvant effectively increase the pH (alkaline) of sulfonylurea herbicide sprays, thereby increasing their solubility in water and subsequently their chemical activity that leads to greater weed control.

QUAD 7 Spray Adjuvant is currently not registered for sale or use in California.

Product Benefits: 
  • Increases herbicidal activity by increasing spray solution pH thereby increasing sulfonylurea solubility and application effectiveness
  • Ammonium salts enhance herbicide uptake and performance
  • Contains non-ionic surfactant that enhances coverage of spray solution applied
  • Formulated to be utilized for micro-rate herbicide applications on sugar beets