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Auxin-Trait Approvals

Information accurate as of 1/29/2024. Always refer to the tank mix approval site for final approval. All dicamba products require a DRA and a VRA. Always check the label and confirm the product is approved on partners’ website.

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Know Your Levels

The eKonomics nutrient balance analysis is the industry’s first to annually assess state-by-state nutrient removal records, fertilizer consumption information and manure data. Findings reveal that a large percentage of soils are becoming depleted of nutrients at an alarming rate, causing many areas to fall below the critical level for K and P. Is your farm among them?

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Knowing What Your Crop Needs

While utilizing soil test data is the best course of action, understanding crop removal rates helps provide direction for your foundational fertility program

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Right Size Your Foundational Fertility

We've got tools to help you increase your return on investment with little time invested.

Geographic Data and ROI Tools 'Powered by Nutrien eKonomics'

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