Turf and Ornamental

FALL PREP PROGRAM: As the winter season approaches, unavoidable environmental stresses restrict turf growth and performance. The "Fall Prep Program" offers a proactive, pre-stress conditioning approach by maximizing soil nutrient availability and the capacity for turfgrass to build roots and maximize carbohydrate reserves. Click here for the California Fall Prep Program sheet.

NEED FOR SPEED PROGRAM: The pace of everything is quicker these days, and golfers want their greens fast too. Now you can meet that "Need for Speed" with the combination of Signature brand fertilizers, Sirius, SilStar and SST 8% Calcium driving your turf nutrition program.

SOIL AWAKENING PROGRAM: Traditionally, conventional mechanical practices are utilized to increase turf growth and performance by lessening soil compaction that physically restricts root growth and retards nutrient and water availability. The Signature brand "Soil Awakening Program" compliments such mechanical practices by lessening such soil-based physiological turf stresses with the use of unconventional, proprietary technologies.

SUMMER STRESS REDUCTION PROGRAM: In the summer, the effects of excessive heat, high humidity and unpredictable moisture rise to destructive levels. The key to strong, healthy turf is a well-rounded fertility program centered on the core of Signature brand fertilizer technologies. Signature foliars are designed to activate internal plant triggers and build external barriers that are key to managing through summer plant stress.

OVERSEEDING PROGRAM: This program implements a balance of nutritional elements demanded by the plant to build a strong root structure. The combination of vital nutrients and plant stimulants will provide an aggressive root system and faster establishment of turf.

AERIFICATION PROGRAM: Managing soils is an essential practice in producing a quality turf that meets the demands of golfers. Aerification and other soil mechanical practices are necessary to achieve high quality turf. Aerification often has a negative impact on turf and its playability. Loveland Products has aimed its technology towards two distinct areas to reduce the impact of aerification on turf: Reducing initial stress and Accelerating turf recovery from physical damage.

ROOTS PROGRAM: Going Beneath the Surface! Program utilizing Riser F/A or Prospect (both powered by ACA technology) and Radiate Plant Growth Hormone to promote the initiation and enhancement of plant rooting on turf and ornamental landscaping.

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