DYNA-SHIELD FLUDIOXONIL provides protection against decay, damping-off and blight for a strong start to help maximize yield potential.  It provides excellent protection at very low rates, allowing room for other materials (such as inoculants) to be applied to the seed. It has excellent seed and crop safety, and is labeled for use on a variety of crops.

Product Benefits: 
  • Contains 4 lbs active fludioxonil per gallon (480 grams per liter)
  • Labeled Crops include: Cereals (including barley, oats, wheat), corn (field, pop, sweet), Rice, Sorghum grown for grain, forage or silage), Cotton, Rape, Sunflower, Grass forage, fodder and hay, Legume vegetables (succulent or dry), Nongrass animal feeds (forage, fodder, straw, hay), Peanuts, Root and tuber Vegetables (including potatoes), Soybeans (and other crops as listed on the label)
  • Diseases Controlled: Decay, Damping-off, and Seedling blight caused by seed-borne and soil-borne fungi