SABER® is a premium 2,4-D phenoxy amine herbicide with a glycol base that keeps the active ingredient in soluble form longer to increase deposition, resist evaporation and boost uptake by the broadleaf weeds.

Product Benefits: 
  • Compatible and easily tank mixed with many other herbicides and insecticides
  • Wide window of application extends application timing
  • The convenience of one herbicide to handle many crop and non-crop needs
  • User-friendly, concentrated, highly pure formulation with glycol requires less product per acre, which reduces handling, mixing, freight costs and storage requirements
  • Formulation maximizes deposition, uptake and translocation of finer droplets, even on the underside of weed leaves
  • Droplets stay wet longer, providing more consistency and efficacy during hot and dry weather
  • Reduced evaporation means decreased particle drift
2,4-D: The Bigger Picture

2,4-D: The Bigger Picture