Soil and Plant Health Solutions: TERRAMAR

biocatalyst-logoTERRAMAR® 0-0-4 improves nutrient uptake, enhances CEC and Chelation, delivers unique metabolic compounds which enhances microbial activity in the rhizosphere, and improves plant response to stressful conditions in specialty crops.

Labeled for the following applications: In-Season or Post, Banded or In-Furrow

Derived from: potassium acetate and seaweed extract; Also contains non-plant food ingredients: 3.00% organic matter from leonardite ore

Product Benefits: 
  • Proprietary bio-extraction of seaweed extract and leonardite, designed for enhanced compatibility in fertilizer systems to promote soil and plant health
  • Part of the Loveland Products bio-catalyst product family, specifically designed for high volume applications in specialty crops
  • Homogenous and flowable: Blends with CAN-17 & CaTs, NPhuric

TERRAMAR  is not registered for use in all states.


TerraMar (1:17)