Nitrogen Management: NITRAIN BULLET

NITRAIN BULLET™ is the next-generation nitrogen stabilizer from Loveland Products – protecting plant-available ammonium from losses to the environment and maximizing the amount of nitrogen available for crop uptake. With a low, per-acre-based use rate and flexibility with anhydrous ammonia and UAN, NITRAIN BULLET is the most effective and user-friendly nitrogen stabilizer for spring or fall applications.


  • Per-ton rate structure
  • Application flexibility with spring- or fall-applied anhydrous ammonia or UAN 
  • Noncorrosive, user-friendly liquid formulation



  • Protects ammonium in its plant-available form for 3X longer than without a stabilizer
  • Proven to reduce nitrogen leaching into the environment
  • Delivered +6 bu/A avg over untreated fertilizer in a 3-year replicated Midwest study

Nitrain Bullet chart



  • Anhydrous Ammonia: 5 gal/ton
  • UAN: 2.5 gal/ton